The Sweet Lowdown


The Unfaithful Servants

With the rough waters of the Pacific around them and the wilds of the Canadian North above them, The Sweet Lowdown (Amanda Blied, guitar; Miriam Sonstenes, fiddle; Tad Ruszel, mandolin) have developed original acoustic roots music that draws from earth and sky. You’ll hear influences as far-ranging as Appalachian fiddling, contemporary pop, Celtic jigs and a blend of driving tradition and ground-breaking originality. The Sweet Lowdown draw on traditional styles, but are not beholden to them, instead blazing a new trail with original songwriting and innovative instrumentals. -

The Unfaithful Servants have quickly gained a reputation in Western Canada as a must-see act. With an original and exciting approach to acoustic music, the group serves up explosive instrumentals, compelling story-telling and high-powered vocals. The Unfaithful Servants are one of the most exciting bands from Vancouver Island in some time, with gorgeous harmonies and fine song writing skills, beautiful instrumental interplay and some seriously rippin' solos. - 

This is an exciting double bill, which you won't want to miss! 



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